Selasa, 17 Desember 2013

resensi novel pride and Prejudice (bahasa inggris) By IlhamDoremi

Berikut dibawah ini adalah narrative bahasa inggris (resensi novel pride and Prejudice) pas waktu saya kelas XI, cekidot ! :

TIME                      : early fourteenth century
PLACE                   : Verona in northern Italy

In the city of Verona in northern Italy there lived, during the early fourteenth century, two noble families, the Montagues and the Capulets. These two families had been bitter enemies for generations and the enmity still continued, although the original cause of the quarrel had been long forgotten. If a servant of the Montagues met a Capulet servant in the street, a fight would almost certainly result and the fight would soon take on the proportions of a battle as one person after another arrived on the scene. With a cry of ‘ down with the capulets! ‘ or ‘ Down with the Montagues! ‘ each new arrival would rush headlong into the fray to support one side or the other.
Escalus, prince of verona was displeased by these constant brawls in the city streets, and after one particularly noisy fight he appeared on the scene and angrily reproached the heads of the two houses, who also happened to be pasing just then, although they were in  no way responsible for the struggle which had just taken place.
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